HGH Scams


Everyone of us wants to retain that ever lasting youthfulness and what with these thoughts there are many HGH products that promise to cure you of all those old age related problems be it sex related or improving your vitality, but then not all these products are worth their tall claims so its better to do a bit of research about the company and their products as most of these products you see are through the Internet.

Most of these Internet based HGH products which claim to enhance the production of the growth hormone in your body are from companies which have never been heard off and they claim that the tests conducted on these products are clinically proved. Tests conducted by Dr. Rudman adviser of https://www.hghplaza.com/ an expert in the field of anti-aging treatment claim that these products that claim to enhance the natural production of the growth hormone in the body are nothing but a spam as none of these products contain HGH.

Though there are some products that help trigger the production of the HGH naturally in the body as some of these products contain amino acid arginine which helps build up the proteins, has been found to be effective if it is administered in the form of injection and not in any other form.

If you are one of those people who are suffering from the deficiency of the HGH than the best thing to do is to meet up with your doctor and get a prescribed treatment in the form of injection to help overcome the deficiency of Human Growth Hormone in your body. The products sold on the net as wonder products are not clinically proved. Some of these internet acclaimed products like creams, ingestible products etc do not contain any noticeable traces of HGH. Using these products may on the contrary make you lose whatever little potency you may have. Though you have HGH enhancers known as secretagogues, but then they are not easily available and are used for research purpose.

Most of these HGH products are illegal to be imported without proper prescription. Some of these HGH products contain Bovine or cow HGH or plant HGH which have been proved to effective on plants and calves but not on human beings. These internet products are very expensive and are not really worth all the pains. HGH products all are not 100% without side effects as some of these products have shown to have caused side effects like joint pain, symptoms of diabetes which results in the increase in the level of insulin etc. Continuous use of HGH product has shown to lead to gigantism.

The federal government has warned that many of the HGH products available on the Internet are either totally meant for animal use or plant use and the tall claims that the companies give are rather baseless and that if you do decide to buy these HGH products you are doing so by putting your own health at great risk.

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