How To Prevent Stretch Marks


One way to treat stretch marks is to make sure you never get them in the first place. Prevention comes in many forms, and if you are planning to have a child soon you may want to consider this. This information may also help you if you are a man or woman who is in the process of bodybuilding.

Note: Keep in mind that you may be able to prevent stretch marks completely. If not, you should be able to minimize drastically the appearance of them. Either way, using some of the advice you learn here should benefit you in some way.

Practical Tips

Different practices of prevention will work in different situations. It deeps upon how far in advance you were able to prevent them from appearing, and how well you have taken care of yourself.

If stretch marks have not yet appeared: If you are a woman who is pregnant, either aloe butter or cocoa butter applied daily can help you. These ingredients will not harm your baby when absorbed into your skin. Therefore, this is a great choice.

Again, the sooner you do this the greater the chance you have of avoiding stretch marks from appearing. You might also consider rubbing your belly as well as your inner thighs, upper arms, buttocks, and other areas of your body where these marks could appear.

These are areas where the most cellulite would appear and so these are the spots most susceptible to the formation of stretch marks. Another thing you can do to avoid this problem from occurring is to drink plenty of water, which will keep your skin properly hydrated.

If you were a man who is attempting to stay in shape, it would help if you find the right creams and lotions that include one of the above-mentioned ingredients. The same applies to women. If you want to prevent stretch marks you should keep in shape by exercise, whether you are pregnant or not.

If a woman were pregnant, of course your exercise routine would be different than if not. However, you get the point.

Watching your diet can also decrease stretch marks. This tip works well for both men and women. A well-balanced meal low in saturated fats and high in fiber is the best.

If stretch marks have appeared: It may take longer to get rid of them and it may take more drastic measures of removal than if you were to take preventative measures. However, it can be done.

A variety of home applications as well as medical solutions has been used. Some ingredients you would try include some of those applied as mentioned above.

A more detailed look at both at-home treatments along with medical treatments includes the following:

At-home treatment – Any good product with a combination of ingredients designed to enhance collagen production would be best. Oftentimes the most natural herbs and plant sources are best. As you already know, cocoa butter or aloe vera helps a great deal. You might also want to try solutions with Vitamin E oil, Olive oil, or shea butter, click here for more such home remedies for stretch marks.

Certain substances such as DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) which is an antioxidant that stabilizes cells, and glycolic acid at a 10 % concentration or lower is often beneficial. Palmitoyl oligopeptide may also be another one that helps a great deal.

Medical (or spa) treatment – Procedures that take place in a medical office that helps remove stretch marks includes both laser and traditional surgeries. Spa treatments such as microdermabraion or chemical peels are another option.

Either way the objective is similar. The spa treatment options mentioned may also be very useful for prevention as well as for removal or reduction.


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